Problem: From a personal observation, I found that developmentally disabled persons tend to become overly dependent on their caregivers. The goal of greater independence throughout their lives is achieved by mastering simple, every day skills. Over time, they often forget skills that they already learned and need continued support.

Creative Solution: This concept app was designed to help mentally disabled persons achieve independence within the home through life skills instructions created by their caregivers. These life skills can be created, edited, and shared with other caregivers and their dependents to create a strong community for providing assistance. 






Achiever Profile

The Achiever's home screen features daily tasks (achievements) curated by their helper (caregiver). The selected task will show step by step instructions made by their caregiver with video, pictures, and written instructions.



Achievers can search for new tasks and add them to their favorites list. Weekly and monthly achievement scores will be kept track by the app for both the helper and achiever to monitor progress. 


Helper Profile

The home screen for the caregiver profile will show a list of all achievers under their care. Caregivers can create new achievement specific to each achiever. On each step, caregivers can include video, picture, written instructions, assign a category, or even add an alarm. 


Each task listed can be easily added, edited, removed, or even suggested to someone in the helper's network.


Helper's can search for new achievements, and easily send and receive suggestions.