Square One


Problem: The Home Depot is one the largest home improvement chains in the nation. Their goal is to help consumers create the home of their dreams whether they want to do it themselves or have it done for them. Though the company provides goods and services for projects of all intensities, the massive number of options can easily become overwhelming for first time project doers. 

Creative Solution: Square One is a concept app centered around the DIY community. We aim to provide DIY-ers with a virtual toolbox that will help them find projects, organize them, and accomplish them. When do it yourself seems too complicated, we make it simple.

This was a group project with the wonderful Danni Kirchoff & Morgan Concialdi.



Mobile App




Through a curated feed, users will be able to discover new projects based on skill level, completion time, or Home Depot categories. 


View completed projects, materials, and steps. When you like a project, you can save it to one of your personally named folders. 


My Projects

Quickly navigate the projects in your life with personalized folders divided into three automated sections: current, saved, & completed. 


A personal tool log allows every started project to be personalized to clarify materials needed. Delete, add, or search through your tools.


Shopping check lists are  created either manually, or by sending materials lists directly from a project to make visits to Home Depot even easier. If a required tool is already in the users toolbox, there will be an alert.



The microsite will serve as an explanatory site to bridge the gap between the advertisements and the app store. In one scrolling page, we will provide an overview of the key functions of the app, as well as how the projects within the app are chosen; by careful curation, and company sponsorship. The link to download the app through app store will be embedded into the microsite as well.



Web Ads

Digital Advertisements showcasing the different features of the app will be placed on pages of the Home Depot website. Ads will also be placed on how-to blogs and trusted resource sites whose content has been included in the curated feed. 



Advertisements will be placed around the Home Depot on end displays to connect the the physical experience of shopping in the store to the benefits and features of using the app.